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The Tuna Heads represent the small beach towns along the coast of Eastern North Carolina.  In 2017,  we created a team so the kids could keep the stick in their hands throughout the Summer and Fall.  Our goal was to keep it as affordable as possible to allow everyone a chance to play.  In 2018, we continued to progress and build our new program while starting to make a name for ourselves in the Eastern Carolina Region.  In 2019, we went from one team to now having three teams composed of players aged from 5th grade through high school with tryouts before the summer and fall seasons.  Now in 2020 we look to continue our growth as more and more players want to join our Laxcoast family.


Our mission is to create great men out of young boys.  The Laxcoast Tuna Heads is a well respected organization determined to bring the best out of all athletes.  We focus on achieving excellence both on and off the field as we believe WINNING is an attribute of life not a game.


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Coach Tommy Laxcoast Tuna Heads

Laxcoast Tuna Heads

Phone: 703-967-0898

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